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About LPT

LPT, Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG, is one of the biggest animal testing facilities in Germany. The contract research organization offers toxicological and pharmacological tests on a variety of animals, including mice and rats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits and birds. LPT has become well known for several reasons, including their experiments on monkeys and on the famous “Marshall Beagles”.

Moreover LPT was exposed for participating in the development of Botox, which alone involved the killing of ten thousand mice. However, the campaign to close down LPT criticizes the use of ALL so called lab animals. All animals inside LPT share the same fate: As the company announced in the media, ‘no animal leaves the lab alive’.

Founded in 1965 by the Leuschner Family, LPT has become one of the most important contract research organizations in Germany. Animals kept by LPT at any one time include about 10,000 mice, over 1,500 dogs and up to 500 monkeys. As well as their headquarters in Hamburg-Neugraben they operate another facility in Mienenbüttel, which was expanded in 2008. Their clients include companies from the pharmacological and chemical industries.

International Ties

LPT depends on the international shipping of monkeys, which in the past decade are highly likely to have come from Mauritius. Therefore LPT would be severely affected if Air France/KLM were to stop co-operating with the animal testing industry. Air France/KLM is the most important airline which still transports primates from Mauritian breeders to European labs. Therefore we urge activists from abroad to participate in the Gateway to Hell campaign, which aims to stop airlines transporting ‘lab animals’ to their certain death.

Moreover LPT is a customer of Marshall Biotechnologies, one of the world’s leading suppliers of ‘lab animals’. Marshall made world news when Italian activists managed to close down Green Hill Beagle kennels in Italy, one of their largest breeding sites. The pictures of beagles behind bars waiting to be shipped to laboratories made people furious. We must remember that even though Green Hill is gone, there are still several other places where animals are just waiting to be killed. One of them is LPT in Germany.

Get Active!

Please support the Close Down LPT Campaign – we need international help!

To register your protest directly to LPT, you can simply use this email-form (Fill in your First name, then your surname, and an email-address, then click on „E-Mail Absenden“).

You can also use these contact details:

LPT – Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG
Redderweg 8
D-21147 Hamburg

Postal Address
Postbox 920461
D-21134 Hamburg
Phone: 0049 (0) 40-70 20 20
Fax: 0049 (0) 40-70 20 22 99
E-Mail: LPT@LPT-Hamburg.de

Further E-Mail-Adresses:
LPT@LPT-Hamburg.de, LPT-Hamburg@t-online.de, personal@lpt-hamburg.de,
postmaster@lpt-hamburg.de, human.resources@lpt-hamburg.de, hr@lpt-hamburg.de

Lab in Mienenbüttel:

Oldendorfer Straße 41
D-21629 Neu Wulmstorf

Also you can send an email to the veterinarian authorities:

Please also show your support by taking part in our pictures of solidarity action.

Please protest against the suppliers of LPT, who keep LPT running: Write them mails and call them, and urge them to end their collaboration with LPT.
Contact details are to be found here.

Who we are

The campaign to close down LPT is a network of animal rights groups and organizations which fight against tests on animals inside LPT. We demand the abolition of all tests on animals and express our strong opposition towards violence against animals inside LPT and elsewhere. To achieve this aim, we organize protests such as demonstrations, create and distribute material for protests and spread information to the general public.

The campaign is part of the international animal rights and animal liberation movement. We do not demand better conditions but the abolition of animal tests. We focus on LPT for strategic reasons, not because it is worse or better than other labs. LPT is therefore also a symbol for all the places in this society where animals are being instrumentalized and exposed to systematic suffering.

We need to fight vivisection and other forms of violence towards animals wherever they occur. Moral outrage alone is not effective – we need to confront those who profit from killing animals.

For the abolition of vivisection, for the liberation of all animals!